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Technical Designer

Technical Designer

(AEC LEA.DM) Design and create video games


Prerequisite + High School Diploma + Entrance Exam






600h de cours + Stage




Become a Technical Designer

Program entirely in English

  • What program to follow to become a Technical Designer ?

  • For what jobs does the technical design program prepare students for ?

  • What are the admission requirements ?

  • What are the educational objectives ?

  • What are the competences acquired ?

  • What are the means to learn technical design ?

  • What are the evaluation methods ?

  • Is it possible to complete the Technical Design program with the work study rhythm ?

  • What diploma is given ?

The Technical Design program prepares students to become game creators at a technical level. The TECHNICAL DESIGNER works at translating in code all the game elements, levels and environments so that the final product is coherent, visually appealing and efficient.

For these purposes, the technical game designer or technical level designer uses various development software applications and programming languages to create gameplay mechanics, features and levels.

Gameplay developer - Unity Developer - Mobile Developer - HTML5 Developer - Technical Game Designer - Technical Level Designer - Creative Director

  • Present a compelling portfolio of a game and a level created with game editor software
  • Justify a certain level in Mathematics:  Secondary IV, Technical and Scientific option OR Secondary IV, Science option OR Secondary V, Cultural, Social and Technical option
  • Develop self-expression, creativity, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit that are required in international Video Game studios
  • Master the principles underlying the techniques and the technology used in Video Game development
  • Work in a team setting to learn how to effectively cooperate and solve production challenges
  • Learn how to develop detailed video game mechanics using industry standard tools
  • Analyze information about working in the field of computer science technology    
  • Use programming language
  • Solve computer-related problems using mathematics
  • Adapt to new videogame-compatible technologies
  • Determine design choices for an optimal player's experience
  • Develop gaming or simulation applications
  • Adapt the design choices according to the project’s business model
  • Interact in a professional setting    
  • Collaborate on the design of applications
  • Theoretical and practical teaching : lectures, cours magistraux, application exercises, practical exercises and tutorials
  • Production projects : monitoring and supervision by teachers during the production of game projects
  • Continuous assessment (case studies, scenarios, presentations, demonstrations)
  • Project presentations to teachers and industry professionals
  • Drafting, presentation and defense of a professional experience report

The first year of the program is a full time year so that students can properly prepare their introduction into the industry.

The second year classes are given in the Work Study format, with mandatory validation of professional experience (internships, missions...).

The Technical Designer Program gives students access to the AEC LEA.DM "Technical Designer" diploma.


A project-oriented pedagogy

  • 1st year
  • 2d year



  • Programming

Base Programming | Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming | 2D Programming | Gameplay Programming | Prototyping


  • Design

Level and Game Design Base | Juiciness | Introduction to UI-UX | Game History | Creativity Practice


  • Sciences & Technology

2D Mathematics | Animate | HTML5 | High Level Languages (AS3, Haxe, ES6)


  • Career  support

  • Projects

Shoot them up

Puzzle-Game 2D

Free2Play mobile


  • Pedagogical means

Theoretical and practical teaching: lectures, application exercises, practical work, tutorials
Production of projects: monitoring and supervision by teachers during the realization of projects (year project, graduation project)


  • Evaluation Methods

Continuous control
Presentation of projects (end-of-year project, end-of-study project) before a school or professional jury

work-study program



  • Programming

In-depth Object Oriented Programming | Model Conception | 2D & 3D Programming | Client-Server Programming

  • Design

Game Design | Level Design | Juiciness | Introduction to Video Game Economy Models | Data Analysis | UI-UX | Game History | Creativity Practice

  • Sciences & Technology

3D Mathematics | Introduction to 3D | Unity | Unreal Engine | High Level Languages (C#)


  • Career Support
  • Projects

Inter-curriculum Final YearProject

Virtual Reality


  • Internship / Professional Experience

At least 300 hours 


What students and companies say...

Game Story

Game Story

Hugo Rosini : Game Designer & Programmer on "Skybolt Zack"

ISART Montreal

ISART Montreal

Official presentation of graduation projects to industry professionals

Game Story

Game Story

Camille Richard : Game Designer & Programmer on "Planet's revenge" & company founder